Afroodrip has always and will continue to be sanitary amid recent pandemic concerns. This includes sanitizing all work stations, washing hands, and wearing PPE (mask and gloves). Packaging materials and jewellery are all sanitized during packaging and before shipping .

Some mailing carriers are experiencing delays due to the COVID-19 situation:  

USPS is operating as normal, however some first class packages are being delayed 1-3 business days with priority mail packages experiencing a  1-2 day delay in affected  and international packages seeing an aditional 1 week wait time in affected areas.Please check USPS website to see if your region is affected by delays.

UPS & DHL are operating as normal, however both are experiencing delays in some affected regions.

Please be aware of these delays when ordering. If you cannot wait for your order, please consider refraining from ordering until these delays are over. Afroodrip cannot guarantee delivery of packages by a certain time due to these delays. However we will try to insure your package arrives on time by utilizing the fastest shippping method that is available. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience, 

The Afroodrip Team.