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Cross Necklace

Cross Necklace

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The Afroodrip Cross Necklace is made from 18k Gold/ Sterling Silver plating  and a double laminent to produce maximum shine and durability. It can be worn by both men and women and comes with a free jewellery bag.

The Christian Cross necklace is ideal for individuals who believe in God and have those in thei rfaith. 

Shipping & Returns


Afroodrip has a guarantee to process your order and ship it within 24 hour of you purchasing the product.


If for any reason you do not like your product you may email us at and we will immediately start processing your return

Care Instructions

All of our jewellery come with these instructions on paper.Please follow these instructions to provide the best care for your jewellery.

The gold is 18K plated and the silver is plated sterling silver, both should be taken care of in a specific way to extend their lifetime and prevent any fading. Below are some do’s, don’ts and specific instructions on how to take care of your jewelry.

● Do not swim/ shower with the jewelry
● Do not clean with detergents or any other cleaning liquids (cleaning instructions
● Do not leave any liquids like lotion, perfume or makeup on the surface of the
● Do not rub or mix the jewelry with any rough materials like brushes and keys.

1. Wear lotion, perfume, and makeup first and put on jewellery last.
2. Kee the jewelry in your free Afroodrip bag when not in use.
3. Keep away from rough surfaces and liquids such as keys and soap water.

Cleaning Instructions: Once a month only if necessary
1. Cover the inside of the bowl with tin foil and add warm water.
2. Add a teaspoon of baking soda and salt.
3. Place jewelry in bowl and let sit between 1- 5 minutes.
4. Take Jewelry out and wipe gently with a soft cloth.


Afroodrip is dedicated to providing the best quality jewellery at the most affordable prices.

Our products are 18k Gold plated, Sterling Silver plated and Carbon plated with a double layer of laminent to allow a maximum shine and extend lifespan of the jewellery. 

All products come with a free cotton jewellery bag to ensure protection when not in use and a free instruction booklet that outlines the best way to take care of you jewellery .

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Customer Reviews

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Dolly Nikolaus


Ramon Schumm

I came quickly. So far all is well

Jewel Hauck

Excellent cross, I order not the first time, it comes very quickly.

Clair Weissnat

Good Rocking, order 2 pieces, delivery about one and a half months

Ahmad Cremin

In general, not bad only the size is small